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LAMBDA Project
PIs: Dr. Edward Hubbard and Dr. Percival Matthews

I am interested in understanding how we connect nonsymbolic ratios to symbolic fractions and more advanced mathematics. In my research, I am currently investigating if the Ratio Processing System (RPS) can perform non-symbolic ratios operations, the effects of culture and education on the development of the RPS and fraction knowledge, and how the RPS relates to fraction knowledge and algebra. I am also investigating how cognitive and affective factors are associated with ratio processing. 


Endophenotypes of Developmental Dyscalculia
PI: Dr. Vitor Geraldi Haase

I am interested in understanding the profile of children with developmental dyscalculia, with the final goal of designing more efficient diagnosis and intervention tools. More specifically, I am interested in the development of the approximate number system (ANS) in children with dyscalculia, the heterogeneity in developmental dyscalculia, and difficulties in arithmetic operations.


Genetic Syndromes

Numerical Cognition in Williams Syndrome
PIs: Dr. Vitor Geraldi Haase and Dr. Maria Raquel Santos Carvalho

I am interested in understanding how individuals diagnosed with Williams Syndrome develop counting skills and the role of individual differences in this process. 
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